Abstracts Track 2021

Area 1 - Business Intelligence

Nr: 2

Development of Smart Factory Capabilities with Industrial Internet of Things Connected MES/MOM


Soujanya Mantravadi

Abstract: It is well established that information systems are crucial for computer-based automation of manufacturing operations in a factory. However, there is an issue of manufacturing enterprises not being able to derive maximum value from the existing information systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), which is a core governing system of manufacturing operations management (MOM). Moreover, the future manufacturing requirements on short product life cycles with increased product variety pose additional challenges in managing complexities in operations, especially due to the deployment of the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Considering this situation, the PhD objective is to prescribe design enhancements for MES/MOM in the IIoT to develop “Smart Factory” capabilities in a brownfield environment of a manufacturing enterprise.