Abstracts Track 2022

Area 1 - Technologies and Applications

Nr: 5

Decentralized Blockchain-based Platforms: Towards the Development of a Framework to Analyze the Decentralization of Blockchain-based Platforms’ Governance


Guido Perscheid and Jürgen Moormann

Abstract: In this research project, we plan to (1) enhance our framework on platform governance (Perscheid et al., 2020) and (2) use this framework to conduct an in-depth case study on the degree of decentralization of blockchain-based platforms. To further develop the framework, we will conduct an extensive literature review to identify the key components that define the governance of blockchain-based platforms. Based thereon, we will elaborate archetypes for each component, allowing us to represent different degrees of decentralization of blockchain-based platform governance. Having developed the framework, we will carry out the case study by analyzing and classifying the degree of decentralization of the top 250 blockchain-based platforms (according to their market capitalization). Besides analyzing the degree of decentralization of each blockchain-based platform, we will also juxtapose blockchain-based platforms from different sectors. Based on the elaboration and application of the framework, we expect to obtain valuable insights into whether certain components of blockchain-based platforms governance tend to be more decentralized than others as well as whether certain sectors differ in terms of the degree of decentralization, e.g., blockchain-based social media platforms compared to platforms from the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sector.